Huge news for Obama

A few of the networks (though not CNN yet) have called both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for Obama.  It’s getting very close to run-the-table-or-lose time for Romney.

Current Locked State totals: Obama 212, Romney 169

Likely totals: Obama leading 240-191


Michigan – huge prize for Obama

Michigan has just been called for Obama – polls as recently as last Friday had Romney ahead (oops).  That puts Obama ahead in Locked States 182-169.  Likely states: Obama 210, Romney 191.
Florida still leaning Obama, but only by 20,000 votes out of nearly 5 million cast.  Looks headed for a recount.  Might not have a winner tonight.

No surprises at 8 est

The networks called a number of states at 8pm, mostly for Obama, but nothing that wasn’t expected.  We have the Locked totals at Obama 152, Romney 139.  Likely State totals are 194-191 for Obama.

Worrying sign for Romney: with 42% of the vote in Florida counted, Obama is clinging to a 51-49% lead.  Encouraging sign for Romney: he continues to lead in Virginia.  But if Obama takes Florida, it’s all over.  Romney CANNOT win without Florida.  But still more than 1/2 the votes to count in the Sunshine State.