Final totals

Well they have FINALLY finished counting votes in Florida…only 5 days after everyone else!  Pending recounts or legal challenges, which we probably won’t see because the overall result is not in question, Obama has won Florida by the slimmest of margins, and the final electoral vote is: Obama 332, Romney 206.  Of the states carried by Obama in 2008, Romney only managed to capture Indiana and North Carolina.  Going into election night, it was obvious Romney needed to win at least 2 of the following 3 states: Florida, Ohio, and Virginia…he lost all 3.

So after 5 days of soul searching, finger pointing, and endless analysis from the pundits, what really won it for Obama and/or lost it for Romney?  There are many factors of course, but here are the top 3:

1.  Obama’s political machinery (his so called “ground game”) was able to turn out his supporters in great numbers on election night, far more than was expected.  If he is able to solve the nation’s problems with the same sort of zeal and effectiveness his team showed in making a close election look easy, his second term would no doubt be a lot more of a success than his first.

2.  After an impressive showing in the first debate, Romney failed to capitalize on his new-found support by refusing to present specifics for any of his major agenda items (especially the economy).  He tried to be all things to all people (naturally a moderate, he tried to also pass himself off as a conservative), and would have been much better off articulating exactly how he planned to fix the economy, and let the chips fall where they may.  Without specifics to his plans, voters simply did not know what they were getting with Romney.  Which leads directly to point #3:

3.  For many independent voters, it was a case of “the devil you know if better than the devil you don’t”.  This is not to suggest either candidate is a “devil”!  Both are very fine, intelligent people who love their country and truly want to do what they feel is right.  But voters, even those who don’t particularly care for Obama as a President, at least knew what they were getting by voting for Obama.

So this election cycle is over, we thank all of you for reading our blog site, and we wish the best of luck to both candidates!


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